Web Analytics refers to drilling down of raw data about the users' behavior when they are actually interacting with your website to gain useful insights about their actions so that conversion rate may be improved.


    When it comes to measuring website activity it is easy to just look at traffic numbers as we did back in the old days of the internet with the classic page counter (for those who remember the old days of the World Wide Web) but with analytics you are able to measure success in the same way you would any campaign or project with set target driven goals.
    Granted visitor numbers are still key, the more traffic you have the more chance you have achieving your desired goal, much in the same way you would with high level foot traffic in a face to face scenario but when creating a goal you are able to think about what you want your website to achieve.


    Once you have the goals in place and you are accurately measuring your sites failings and successes you have the information you need to help improve the site in small ways by adapting what you currently have to improve the site and help you to achieve those goals you have set for the site.
    You can also use your analytic data to adapt to new tTechnologies by seeing what devices your visitors are visiting your site from. Do you need to look at developing a mobile or reactive site due to the about of mobile/tablet visits you are getting? Is your site speed slower on certain browsers? The answers to those questions are available and will help you create a more successful and better web experience for your visitors.


    There are certain bits of analytical data which you can build in to your online strategy the first of which should be your sites referrals, in layman’s terms your websites friends; the ones sending traffic to your website. This information looks at where your guests come from outside of your SEO, this allows you to assess your social media impact on your site as well as that of blogs and external partners who are directing visitors to your site.
    The ability to fully understand your website traffic activity requires web analytics. As opposed to other forms of media, one of the more attractive parts of advertising on the web is the source of conversions can be determined directly.